Cardinal Custom Heraldry

by George Cannizzaro

Welcome to Cardinal Custom Heraldry, the online studio of heraldic artist George Cannizzaro. Here, you can view samples of his work and connect with George to commission the design of coats-of-arms, armorials, seals and other heraldic items. George's passion for heraldry is rooted in the way it fuses artistic expression with client identity. As you tour his online studio, you'll see the results of this dynamic collaboration between George and his clients. All of George's work is done by hand, making each piece a truly original work of heraldic art.

For over ten years, George has cultivated his subject matter expertise to produce heraldry with exceptional results. In 2006 and 2007 he created the coats-of-arms for two newly-named cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, which earned George national recognition in several publications, including the National Jesuit News and America magazine. Widespread enthusiasm for these and many more successful recent projects has grown and diversified his client base to include engaged couples and families, schools, religious communities and clergy.

George is a member of the American Heraldry Society and continues to hone his proficiencies in heraldic design and research through his work at The Institute of Heraldry, an organization within the United States Government. In 2011 George received a certificate from Scotland's University of Dundee after completing a course in heraldry led by royal heralds of the College of Arms, the United Kingdom's official heraldic authority. His distinctive combination of artistic and scholarly abilities ensures that every client receives a work of art that honors the highest standards of heraldic tradition. logo

Please enjoy touring George's online studio, and remember that you can email him any time at to request more information about his services and to commission a work of heraldic art from Cardinal Custom Heraldry.

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